Welcome to Cromiaglass!

The history of Murano glass dates back of many generations of fusing glass masters who conveyed their experience and knowledge throughout the centuries. We are part of this history since 1983 and like any Venetian family, which pass down the value and the expertise to the next generations, we are proud of being the artists who will fulfil your idea of decoration and beauty.

Creativeness and manual skills are the main and most important distinctive traits of an artisan; we are fascinated by the shapes we can mould as well as the color combinations, creating fascinating and unique shades from which we took inspiration to name our studio.

Our bond with Venice and its history of cultural exchanges is so strong and solid to allow us and expand further on more collaboration in the field of the fusing glass.

Are you looking for handcrafted glass artworks made by experienced and talented glass artists?

Among all the artists you may find in Murano, creating any type of art, we stand out for being specialized in original and unique pieces of fusing glass. Our products range from plates, centerpieces or clocks, all handcrafted by our selected glass fusing masters to ensure the best quality at the most competitive prices.

We ensure high quality, professionalism, experience and reliability.